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MRA Candidate Endorsements

The Missouri Republican Assembly proudly endorses the following candidates in Missouri races for the August 2, 2022 primary election:

1st, 2nd, and 3rd District:

The MRA apologizes for any confusion. The MRA did not endorse any candidates for the Congressional seats in the 2nd or 3rd Districts.


Nicholas Schroer for MO Senate 2nd District

Scott Riedel for MO Senate 6th District

Bryan Spencer for MO Senate 10th District

Suzie Pollock for MO Senate 16thDistrict

Mary Elizabeth Coleman for MO Senate 22nd District

Benjamin Brown for MO Senate 26th District
Carla Klaskin , MO State Representative, District 6
George J. Hruza , MO State Senator, District 24

Tony Lovasco, MO State Representative, District 64
Mike Tsichlis, MO State Representative, District 96
Philip Oehlerking, MO State Representative, District 100
Ben Keathley, MO State Representative, District 101

Duell Wayne Lauderdale, MO State Representative, District 103

Ali Graeff for State Representative, MO State Representative, District 106

Jeffrey Sandcork, MO Associate Circuit Court – Circuit 11-Division 9

Katherine Pinner, St. Louis County Executive

Bruce A. Petrov, County of St. Charles, District 1
Tony Frisella, County of St. Charles, District 3
Jane Puszkar, County of St. Charles, District 5
Tim Baker, County of St. Charles, District 7

Terry Herring, Cottleville Township Committeeman
Anita Herring, Cottleville Township Committeewoman
Mark Remstedt, Dardenne Township Committeeman
Robet Eno, Harvester Township Committeeman
Sandra Eno, Harvester Township Committeewoman
Robert W. Sullentrup, Jr, Rivers Township Committeeman
Brenda Webb, Rivers Township Committeewoman
Tony Lovasco, St. Paul Committeeman

7th District:

Eric Burlison for US Congress, 7th Congressional District
Suzie Pollock
for MO Senate, 16th District

Curtis Trent for MO Senate, 20th District

Angela Romine for MO Senate, 30th District

Bishop Davidson for MO House, 130th District

Melanie Stinnett for MO House, 133rd District

Alex Riley for MO House, 134th District

Darin Chappell for MO House, 137th District

Brad Hudson for Missouri House, 138th District

Bob Titus for MO House, 139th District

Jamie Ray Gragg for MO House, 140th District

Brian Seitz for MO House, 156th District

Stephanie Spencer for Taney County Clerk

No candidate in Statewide races (US Senator, Auditor, etc.) was able to secure an endorsement at the State endorsing convention.

We will continue to update other areas as their endorsements come in.