MRA Vision

Our Vision

We Believe:

  • true Republican values adopted in the party's founding principles and in the founding principles of the Republic and the State of Missouri are the alignment and definition of the Republican party.

  • true Republican values are based on enduring moral and ethical principles.
  • true Republican values are based on an understanding that all rights come from the Creator and through His blessings, and therefore we accept the responsibility to protect and defend these rights with intensity and passion.


The text box on the left is what you read on the front page that enticed you to come here. But, what does it mean?

The first Republicans in our country believed, as did the founders, that all human rights are an endowment from the Creator. They believed that government's ultimate purpose was the protection of these rights, both from other individuals who would deprive humans of their rights as well as from the collective in the form of government itself.

They believed that all people were equal under the law, and all were equally endowed with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They understood that the pursuit of happiness was not a guarantee of happiness, but that each and every human was endowed with the liberty to pursue that happiness. While there is not entitlement to happiness, there is an endowment by our Creator to the right and responsibility to pursuit our individual happiness -- but never at the expense of another individual's right to the same. No right to life, nor right to liberty, nor right to the pursuit of happiness or to property could justify one individual or group of individuals depriving another of those basic rights. And, for the exclusive purpose of protection from such endeavors, government is created at the will of the people.

They believed that government and social order were totally dependent on a moral code understood and a discipline to that code adhered to by all members of the society. They believed that government existed not to enforce that code, but to work within it for the furtherance of the social order.

These basic principles were the foundation of the Republican Party. The Republican Party has been and is the Party of racial equality. It has ever been and is the Party of individual rights. It came into being because these basic tenets were being ignored by a degrading social construct. The Republican Party has, over and over, "regained" the Republic from the brink of destruction. And, the Republican Party can do so again.

But, today's Republican Party has strayed far from those founding principles. In the past decade we have seen unprecedented erosion of government's adherence to its primary duty. In spite of a Republican President, a Republican federal legislature, and even a veto-proof Republican State legislature, we see liberty, limited-government, and a market free of government interference disappear more rapidly every year.

Our vision is simple. A Republican Party of Republican people. State and local officials who believe in and adhere to the Republican principles. And a Republican Party apparatus that recognizes and exercises its duty to maintain the brand.

A Republican Party which adheres to the principles it espouses in every platform is a Republican Party that advances American citizens. Anything short of that is a Republican party adverse to the good of the citizens. We can be, we should be, we will be a party "of the people, by the people, and for the people" as the first Republican President once stated.

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