MRA Values

Our Values

We Strongly Support:

  • Sanctity of Human Life
  • Free Enterprise
  • Parental Rights
  • Constitutionally Defined State Powers
  • Inherent Right to Keep & Bear Arms
  • Traditional Family Values
  • Limited Government
  • Secure Borders
  • Protection of Children & Our Future Generations

We Stand Strongly Against:

  • Abortion and Euthanasia
  • Equity rebranded as Equality
  • Racism in any form

The text box on the left is what you read on the front page that enticed you to come here. But, what does it mean?

No rational person denies that the primary function of a just government is the protection of innocent human life. It's why "governments are instituted among men." The sanctity of human life, at all stages, is a fundamental human moral imperative. It separates us from lower species of the animal kingdom.

The free and open marketplace, unimpaired by government interference either in favor of or in opposition to selected and/or favored sectors, unadulterated by tariffs and subsidies, and free of monopoly interests and business-government alliances stands today as the primary reason for American prosperity and global leadership. America cannot long maintain any level of prosperity or leadership without open and free markets.

It doesn't take a village to raise a child as a former First Lady claimed, nor do "these children belong to us", as Melissa Harris-Perry famously contended. Parents have exclusive powers over the education, medication, rearing, and values instilled in their children. Government and education, government and medicine, government and parenting are anti-thematic to strong, vibrant youth preparing to be tomorrow's leaders.

Without regard to a century of wrongly decided Supreme Court opinions, overreaching federal bureaucracies, and a land governed by executive orders; the Constitution tells the central government what its responsibilities are. All other powers, Constitutionally, belong to the States.  Federal Departments like Education, Housing and Urban Development, Conservation, or the Endowment of the Arts are patently unconstitutional. The States must stand strong against federal encroachment. Anti-commandeering laws should be encouraged and supported. State push-back on federal encroachments are part of the Republican responsibility.

The right to keep and bear arms in defense of self and family, from other individuals or a despotic government, is inherent to humanity. It is not a power granted by the Constitution as a "right." This right is natural and inherent. It is the duty of government to protect this right, never to encroach on it.

Traditional family values and the traditional family itself are the cornerstones of every successful civilization in history. As the family goes, so goes the civil society.

"That government is best which governs least." is a tried and true, ageless maxim. "All politics is local" is another. The further up the government chain one travels, the smaller the rule book should be. Our values define local government as most reachable, most controllable, and most responsive to the people. Very little rule-making is needed at the federal level. This easy-to-understand self-evident truth, though, demands that people pay particularly close attention to local and State governments. MRA's focus is the State of Missouri and our State government. We must get that right before we worry about anything else.

Although secure borders feels and sounds like a federal issue, illegal immigration affects every city and county in Missouri. Illegal drugs, trafficked humans, and welfare-dependent illegals are flooding Missouri. State efforts like photo ID for work, stricter enforcement of drug crimes, severe State penalties for hiring illegal workers, and deportation of illegal immigrants rank high in the list of MRA's objectives.

Missouri's children are under attack. From Critical Race Theory in classrooms, forced vaccinations, and schools closed for a virus that has almost zero affect on youngsters, our children are being directly attacked by forces from outside their families. Protecting children from abuse by government schools, medical professionals, teachers unions, and pornography also hold a central position in the focus of the MRA's most important goals.

The vision of the MRA defines us, our mission projects us forward, and our values direct us.

We are the Missouri Republican Assembly, and we are here to stay!