MRA Mission

Our Mission

We Endeavor to:

  • Endorse viable Republican candidates in each election -- primary, general and local -- who align with and support the Missouri Republican Party Platform.
  • Use our activism to inform and to direct legislators to support and pass constitutionally-aligned, liberty-preserving legislation while using every available means to oppose the passage of bills that threaten to restrict inalienable human rights.
  • Charter statewide chapters to effectively influence government at local and state levels.
  • Empower and inspire individuals to activism in the furtherance of the MRA vision, mission, and values.

The text box on the left is what you read on the front page that enticed you to come here. But, what does it mean?

We achieve our mission by selecting only Republican candidates who adhere to the principles of the Republican brand. That brand is defined every four years in a document that Republican voters hammer out. That document is the Missouri Republican Party Platform. In this document actual Republican voters state the specific policies, ideals, and principles that define what it means to be a Republican. When a candidate for office adheres to this platform, he/she is a Republican. When they do not, they are not and should not be entitled to call themselves a Republican. It really is that simple. This is the brand. You are or you are not.

To this end, the MRA seeks out like-minded individuals within our Party. We band them together in local, District, and State chapters, we inspire them to activism, and we empower them through individual and group action to promote our vision of a Party which adheres to the brand.

We endorse and invest ourselves in candidates who adhere to the platform; we use primary elections to replace those who do not, and we promote legislation that adheres to the Constitution and platform, advances the principles of limited government, protection of individual rights, pro-life values, and free markets. We deliberately choose legislation that divides the good Republicans from the bad Republicans. We use these bills to determine which candidates deserve the Republican brand.

In short, we do the job that the local, district, and State Party apparatus ought to be doing. We protect the Republican name. One of our mottos is: "our mission is to put ourselves out of business." When our Party is once again doing its job, we will no longer be needed. But we will stay vigilant. To paraphrase one of the good guys, "Our party is always only one generation away from obscurity."